Workflow for the Photog


Creating and capturing a moment in time through a photo is a rare talent; however, the bigger talent is if you can mix that with being strong and business savvy. I was lucky to have learned this lesson at a very young age: business first, passion second. So what’s my top secret to keeping it all together? Organization and Workflow.


My biggest challenge was keeping all the emails organized in one place… along with contracts and invoices. Honeybook was my lifesaver. Best part? Honeybook allows you to create your own email templates so you don’t have to keep re-writing the same intro email.  It’s been one of my favorite apps that I have found. It also allows me to never double book, never misplace a contract, and stop wasting paper.

Recently I have partnered with Honeybook to giveaway an EXCLUSIVE 50% off the ENTIRE FIRST YEAR to my readers and followers. Sign up with a discount, including a free 7-day trial that will change your workflow & the way you view business moving forward.

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Let’s be honest… no matter how much we want to believe 12 years of school and smart technology can help save us from our own errors, the truth is we still make mistakes. The biggest mistake is proofing and reading over your own errors. Thankfully I have downloaded an amazing tool called Grammarly onto my Google Chrome to help catch typos, punctuation, and verbiage for me. While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, being as professional and communicative as possible is key to the business side of your company.



Yep! More organization… You will learn, I am never done being organized. I have tried many apps to keep concepts, ideas, and visuals organized… but was never satisfied with anything until Milanote. This is the app you will fall in love with and realize you couldn’t live without. From templates to checklists to org charts this app allows so many tools to keep you and your team visually connected.



Lightroom. This is a given. The best part is Adobe has come out with the perfect package for Photographers. It includes:

  • Adobe Lightroom CC: Edit, organize, store, and share photos from anywhere using your phone
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Desktop-focused photo editing
  • Adobe Portfolio: Create beautiful portfolio websites on desktop and mobile
  • Adobe Photoshop: Image editing and compositing
  • Adobe Spark: Create customized graphics, web pages, and video stories


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