The Tap Out OR Tap into the Fight

I will be the first to pat myself on the back for how June went down. I have learned a lot in just a month of the type of person I am, who I want to be, and where I see myself in the near future. Nobody ever said that growth would come without challenges, navigating, and letting go. So here we are. July.

In June, I decided to turn life upside down, focus on everything that kept me up at night… little by little. In one month I can honestly say I feel a little lighter. I created a blog, created simple new habits like making my bed every day and taking a second each morning / evening to find gratitude, and created affirmations that served ME purpose. So where I am today? Well here are my seven takeaways:

  1. I have found myself slowly finding joy in the smallest tasks around the house and gratitude for the smallest wins. Also, Champ gave us a little scare so slowly reminding myself to find joy in extra moments for those snuggles.

  2. Every time my mind tends to shift to the dark tunnel of doubt, hurt, anxiety, or fear (let’s be real we all feel this at least once a month), I have found myself heading to my magic list and my mind quickly leaves the tunnel.

  3. I have found myself getting A LOT more done personally and professionally… it feels good. If you can believe it I have even found more ways to clear my thoughts and organize small things.

  4. Breaking the scrolling habit. It’s happened. I no longer feel the need to scroll every free second I get. You know what I mean… its like the habit of a smoker needing the fixation of hand to mouth of their cigarette or the coffee addict who needs a non-fat chai latte with extra whip in their hand all hours of the day. Well the habit of scrolling during my “down-times” is gone and has been put to better use.

  5. Which I guess brings me to number 5. MORE CREATIVITY. I have been given all this extra free time to find new ways to be creative for my soul and career. I CANNOT wait to share some new things…

  6. Redesigning my relationship with the hubby. Sometimes the request of work, family, and friends can take over what you want or need. This month I think we gave into some of that, only to remind us that being unselfish means let down and a friendly little reminder we are in our honeymoon stage. So redesigning what that looks like for US. We need this time for us. – and that’s okay.

  7. Don’t let one month of good change also be your tap out for the next month. Continue.

So here is my small chosen items for July from the magic list:

  • Soak in every moment with Anthony
  • SPA IT UP!!! – grateful for a little girl’s day
  • Make homemade pasta– because it’s pasta
  • LAUNCH + ENJOY something new… I love a good easter egg
  • Capture tiny objects that make me happy (@jennicamaes)
  • Launch the 2023 Holiday Minis… because magic happens between June and August

If I can tell you one thing I have learned over the years is that no matter what season of life you are going through you will always have the power to create the life you want, if you want it bad enough. It may take months or years to get there but that’s the one gift life gave us, to shift at any moment… you just need to want it. With that I leave you this quote.

Do not, for a single second, fight this battle as anyone but yourself. This is your own becoming. You make the rules. Tap into the fight.


Photo by: Gaby Scheer

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